Develop your Thaï Massage skills
with world-renowned experts

1 month immersive experience

January 28 to February 23 – Luang Prabang, Lao

12 years existence
Certified mentors
+500 students formed
All included


Major Thaï massage principles

· Several highly experienced Thai and international
· Thai Massage masters and Yoga teachers


· Palpatory anatomy workshop
· Applied anatomy to Thaï massage practice


· Types and classification of joints in the body
· Axes and movements of the major joints of the body
· Spine particularities

Therapeutics points

· Contribution from Thaï massagepoints therapy, Shiatsu and Traditionnal Chinese Medecine (TCM)

What can we learn from osteopathy ?

· Concept of general free osteopatic treatment
· Internal organs routine
· Cracking or not cracking?

Clinical approach

· Indications and limits of Thaï massage practice
· Case studies in small groups

Thaï massage and pregnancy

· Benefits and contraindication during pregnancy
· Specifics ailments (sciatica, circulatory problems, etc)

Thaï massage classical routine : a blessing or a curse ?

· Basic technics improvement and interest of the routine
· Free your hands and develop your own Thaï massage

work shops

· Several acro yoga work shops
· Yoga teachers

community life

· People from all around the world
· Share knowledge and experiences with people passionate by body work

And more surprises

We'll enjoy our free time mixing everybody's hobbies


From Januray 28 to February 23 – 2024 (Jan 28 and Feb 23 are arriving and departure days)

The cost for this course is 2600€ for everybody, there is no adding cost during the circus. Space is limited so you may register early to ensure your spot… The previous years the Circus was filled up months in advance. Please submit a deposit of 600€ at registration.

If you cancel 60 days before the course, you will be refunded your deposit (less administrative fee of 100$ usd)
If you cancel between 0 and 60 days prior to the Circus, there will be no refund of your deposit

06:15 am – Bell wake up !
06:30 am to 07:00 am – Meditation
07:15 am to 08:15 am  – Yoga class
08:30 am to 10:00 am – Breakfast & free time
10:00 am to 01:00 pm –  T.M class
01:00 pm to 03:00 pm – Lunch & rest
03:00 pm to 06:30 pm – T.M class
06:30 pm to 07:30 pm – Dinner
07:30 pm to 10:00 pm – Free time to rest or optional evening activities on the land : herbal sauna (twice a week) , kirtans (chanting), fire circle, contact dance, acro-yoga… The teaching platform is always open for late practice and sharing.

After 10 pm, we respect NOBLE SILENCE until the end of meditation the next morning.

The course includes 1 day and a half to rest every week :
Wednesday afternoon and Saturday are off.

Free transportations are provided for everyone on these days to go and back from Luang Prabang.
Our big “Tuk-Tuk” (truck) :

  • leave at 1.30 pm and are back at 7 pm every Wednesday
  • leave at 10 am and are back at 7.30 pm every Saturday

All accomodations are at the same price, you choose upon registration. (“First registered, first served”!)

The circus camp offers 4 types of accomodations :

  • individual tent
  • individual happy bamboo hutt (no electricity or water)
  • double river bamboo bungalows for couples or friends (electricity but no water)
  • shared traditional teak Lao houses (large rooms with 3 beds, electricity, bathroom, hot shower and toilet) 

All accomodations include pillow, blankets and sleeping mats. 

  • a torch (important)
  • a yoga mat
  • swimming stuff
  • your own sheet if you like it comfy
  • organic soap and shampoo to preserve the circus land and nature 

The weather is usually dry and sunny during this season. But it gets quite chilly at night and in the early morning.

Our kitchen team is doing the miracle of serving three healthy meals a day in the jungle, based on good natural and local products. When booking please inform us if you follow a particular diet or if you have allergies. Circus kitchen is vegetarian, creative and delicious… We serve eggs (separately) a few times a week.

Upon arrival you will get a one month visa, which costs about 30$ (usd) or the equivalent in Thai Baths. You will be asked one passport photo that can be taken in the airport. You can extend easily and immediatly your visa in Luang Prabang at the Tourist Immigration Office, from a few days up to two months. Price is 2$ (usd) per day of extension.

IMPORTANT : if you overstay in Lao without a visa extension, the Immigration Office will charge 10$ per extra day upon departure.

There are now many ATM in Luang Prabang, guesthouses with wifi, local markets, minimarts… you can also change all kind of foreign currencies.

Kuang Sii village is only a ten minutes walk from the Circus camp, with spectacular waterfalls, small restaurants, groceries, tuk-tuks…

The circus organises laundry service twice a week with our lao team.

We have electricity on the land for charging electronic devices.

We have NO INTERNET connection (wifi), and we don’t want it. We do have telephone network coverage on the land but we encourage everyone to enjoy the immersion in nature and respect the retreat space by using their phones mindfully, or not at all.

More to know

The cost of this course is 2,600€ per person which includes everything from the course itself, to the accommodation and food. There are no hidden added costs during the course. 

Space is limited so you may consider registering early to ensure your place. In previous years, the Circus was fully booked months in advance. In order to secure your lace, please submit a deposit of 600€ at registration. 


If you cancel 60 days before the course, you will be refunded your deposit (less the administrative fee of 100€ *If you cancel between 0 and 60 days prior to the Circus, we cannot refund your deposit.

We would be grateful if you could fill out this form which includes information needed for the Circus and the Laos authorities. Once you’ve submitted this form, you will receive via email the necessary bank details where you can pay the deposit, for confirmation of your registration.

Book your spot

  1. Complete the information needed for the Circus and the Laos authorities.
  2. After filling up this form, you will receive an email with all details to pay the deposit.
  3. Congratulation you’re officialy registered ! See you soon…