Arno L´Hermitte


Originally trained in physiotherapy and Osteopathy in France and England, I have been studying, practicing and teaching Thai Massage for about 20 years. 

The path took me at the door of precious teachers in Northern Thailand, particularly Arjan Chayuth , Arjarn Pitchett and the unforgettable experience assisting Asokananda in the Lahu village for about a decade.

While  running my own clinic of Physio and Osteopathy in Tahiti in 2000, I was  in charge of pro-athlets , rowers with massive bodies. i decided to put them on the floor and start to integrate Eastern and Western approach and create the Osteothai. 

In 2007, I had the vision of  the Thai Massage Circus and together with friends, we built the dream. After years of amazing gathering in Lao, the Thai Massage Principles presented in the circus (as the essence of the practice) are nowadays fondation for many schools around the world.

I’ ve been very lucky to teach in all continents and 20 different countries and fortunate to meet extraordinary people on my way. When not teaching, I share my time between Europe and beautiful Bali.

Itzhak Helman


Itzhak Helman is a trained as a Thai massage teacher since 1997, he is an authorized teacher of The Sunshine Network. Over the last 20 years, he has been practicing Thai yoga massage together with developing is own independent method combining: vipassana meditation, yoga and Thai massage as one unit.

His main inspiration is based on the Eastern philosophy of his teacher Asokananda as well as other great masters like Piched and Chaiyuth. From 2001- 2005 Itzhak made Auroville Universal Township in India as his home, there he was engaged in Therapy work at the Quiet Healing Center together with teaching students from all over the world.

Currently, Itzhak is based in Thailand Chiang Mai giving courses at the Sunshine Massage School and around the world. Itzhak is known for his passionate and honest way of teaching.

Pau Castellsagué


A family trip to India, back in 2005, started it all. I dropped my career as a radio sports journalist and together with my brother Wari and my sister Mireia launched the Omshanti Yoga Studio (2006) and, later on, the Barcelona Yoga Conference (2011).

The path has been filled with Yoga, AcroYoga and soon enough Thai Massage showed up and stole my heart. For the last decade I have traveled around the globe sharing this art, inspired by teachers of the Sunshine Network. Laurino Bertelli, and his dedication to Vipassana meditation, the visionary OsteoThai founders David Lutt & Arno L’Hermitte, and the Sangha spirit, generosity and joy from Takis and Kerys at the Sunshine House Greece.

After graduating from a 5-year Osteopathy program at SICO (Switzerland), under the mentorship of Phillipe Druelle, the mission is crystal clear… to create a global platform, the Thai Massage Academy, and dive deep into this magical fusion between Thai Yoga Massage and Osteopathy.

Marion Menu


Since my early age I have always been curious and fascinated by the world of touch.

In 2003 I embarked the path of oriental healing arts, being initiated to Chi-Kung and Tui Na by a Chinese doctor and martial art teacher in France. 

A few years later, following my dreams, I stopped my job to travel to India and South East Asia, having a call to learn more about Oriental philosophy and medicine. I found my main purpose and my tribe in Northern Thailand in 2008 ending up living there for the next 10 years. The discover of Chi Nei Tsang, which combines self-chi exercices with taoist abdominal detox massage, was a true revelation and inspiration on my own healing journey and to help others. I studied it at the Tao Garden and with Kunni , a renown Thai healer who guided me throughout the years and allowed me to share it. 

Since then I have trained in Thai Massage, craniosacral, abdominal acupuncture , holistic nutrition and herbalism. I mainly worked giving integrated bodywork in retreat centers, spas, venues and freelance  in Asia and Europe.

  I am passionate on my journey to listen and explore the human body, and the fascinating world of the belly … How to touch? How to facilite the capacity of the body to heal itself ? 

Today I am happy  to share some of this reflexions , experiences, and  knowledge that deserve to be passed on. 

Alexandra Ruiz


Born and raised in Mexico, Alexandra is a seasoned Acroyoga practitioner who has passionately shared this art form for the past 10 years across the globe, embracing its diverse expressions and colors.

Driven by her profound love for Thai Massage and Aquatic Therapies, Alexandra has masterfully integrated elegance and fluidity into her teachings. 

As the visionary founder of both the renowned Chalananda retreat center and the esteemed Ways of Water aquatic School, Alexandra has established a wellness community with her retreat center that become a sanctuary for seekers of rejuvenation and self-discovery, while her aquatic school is at the forefront of innovative water-based therapies.

Alexandra’s greatest passion lies in fostering unity and togetherness through movement and meaningful connections. She thrives on empowering communities with a shared desire to explore the realms of play, soar to greater heights, and delve into the depths of their being.

Benjamin Hebert


I am a Retreat Facilitator, Massage Practitionner & Teacher .

My dream is to elevate consciousness with rituals that bring long-lasting health and well-being through empowering inspiring corporate wellness days, retreats, workshops, courses and programs all around the globe. 

I founded Conscious Motions to help a maximum of people to control their own fate and live a more balanced, harmonious and vibrant life by reconnecting with their body and mind.

Together with my beloved Florine we created the Chamont Eco retreat center where we host and organise several trainings and workshops all year round. 

I’m delighted to be part of the Thaï Massage Circus family and manage this one month Thaï Massage experience by the side of Arno and friends who have  greatly influenced and transformed my life and practice. 

Looking forward to meeting you and taking care of you during your stay with us at the Circus !

Mark Ping


After a classical culinary education, Bamboo found his passion for cooking high vibes food at age 20 when he took a position at the Omega Institute, a retreat center in upstate New York. Bamboo has been a part of the Thai Massage Circus since 2009. This will be his eighth year as head chef.

Bamboo specialises in vegan whole foods and catering to unique dietary restrictions. At the Circus he shares international cuisine for our international group. Expect delicious versions of local Asian dishes, inspired fusion, and familiar comfort foods from around the world.

Bamboo and his wife Joti, a yogini and nutritionist from England, run The Beet Box vending plant based street food at USA music and yoga festivals. They enjoy catering retreats in the off season and will be at the Circus with their two sons, Escher and Jaya, age 4 and 2.